Regency Walnut Zograscope


A zograscope is an optical device for enhancing the sense of depth perception from a flat picture. It consists of a large magnifying lens through which the picture is viewed. It has the lens mounted on a stand in front of an angled mirror. This allows someone to sit at a table and to look through the lens at the picture flat on the table. Pictures viewed in this way need to be left-right reversed; this is obvious in the case of writing. A print made for this purpose is called a vue d'optique or perspective view.

This is a Superb Example of a Regency Period Walnut Zograscope with brass fittings and rotary turned features of the finest craftmanship. The viewing lense is in excellent condition having a few minor scratches, the mirror with some minor silvering flaws, mainly near the bottom edge. It is height adjustable and can be unscrewed into three components.

H: 71cm - 91cm W: 34cm D: 21cm

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