Danny Lane’s Glass table comes to
The Old Cinema

Posted on: December 11th, 2014 by The Old Cinema

This week's new arrival, the Shell Coffee Table by world renowned glass artist Danny Lane is stunning. This lovely piece of furniture is a hand sculptured work of art, featuring a 15mm thick glass top. The base is made of five, 12mm thick glass elements, four of which are beautifully curved, giving the impression of melting slabs of ice. All of these seperate elements are held together by two sturdy stainless steel dividers, which, despite their industrial nature, look almost as delicate as the rest of the table. The Shell Table was designed at the end of the 80's for Fiam, Italy and hasn't lost any of its beauty in the last 30+ years.









"Through exploiting the strength of glass under compression and combining feats
of design and engineering, Lane produces work that has sophisticated construction
despite the apparent simplicity."



Click here to view this piece on The Old Cinema webiste.

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