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The Search For Enlightenment

Posted Oct 31st, 2014 by The Old Cinema


We have reached that time of year when, for a select few of us, the pendulum of our grandfather clock had to be silenced for an hour. Here at The Old Cinema, we have been busy with whole cabinets of ticking things and tiny keys. Even those with clocks that magically change overnight are to be thrown into darkness as the evenings creep in earlier. For those looking to find some salvation during the long winter months, we have reinvigorated our lighting stock of all styles and sizes to brighten up the gloomiest of rooms. Our website has been lit up with our newest acquisitions, sourced from all corners of the World, and through all of the eras since Edison’s bright idea. To see out the final few days of sunlight on your way home from work, we have compiled the highlights of our dealers’ offerings for when things need a little more shine.

HallwayLiving RoomDining RoomKitchenStudyBedroom


1930's 18 Light French Chandelier



1950's Mathieu Mategot Lantern Chandelier


If it is immediate illumination that you are looking for – that glowing beacon to guide you home through the brisk night air – a classic chandelier makes a timely addition to an entrance of any size. For the grandest of first impressions, this original 1930's French chandelier will warm the most frozen of guests to pass under its 18 candles. If one doesn’t quite do the trick, these Art Deco opaque Perspex bowls have caught the eye of many a refined individual in their 80 years of service, and with six available, you could light up a whole wing.

1950's Italian Patinated Bronze Wall Lanterns

This Mid-century offering, with its elegant brass frame, parchment shades and hand-painted steel mesh, was designed by Mathieu Mategot (1910-2001, Hungary) for Arlus in the 50's, and is a rare find straight out of the design books. Style it with this pair of patinated bronze lanterns from 1950's Italy, with their individual glass planes for a striped effect; or stick with 50's France and this pair or mirror backed wall lights, for the Russian that can't skip superstition and must steal a last glance before leaving the house.

Ines Cole Steel Ring Chandelier

For the understated entrance, this 1930's French basket chandelier, with its four lights and delicate clear crystal, will brighten up the smallest of hallways. This old, industrial ship’s lantern has guided whole histories home through the heaviest of storms. The longest of corridors can be lined with a stretch of glass pendants from Ines Cole’s latest collection, a minimal look for maximum illumination; or scale it up with the new installation, complete with vintage pulley and rope. Visit her redesigned space in our showroom to take in the full picture.


Living Room

The light for your living room is the one to enjoy the most, so add some colour to a room and lift the mood this winter. This 1930's 5 branch chandelier with its multi-coloured shades is quintessentially British, and can be complimented with this phenolic table lamp/photo frame combo of the same era.

1930's British Multi-coloured Chandelier

If you prefer the traditional side of 1930's design, we suggest this pair – intricate rose detail on caramel phenolic columns topped with pink fluted glass shades. For a soft touch, these 1960's Poole Pottery ceramic lamps come with silk shades; or for those that like it rough, this 70's chiseled marble lamp from France.

Range of Floor Lamps  

At The Old Cinema, we see a lot of theatre and film lighting, but few compare to the iconic Mole Richardson Grande, mounted on a vintage wood and brass tripod (then there's the mini).

Floor lamps are a plenty, from some sleek teak from 1970's Denmark, to the other side of retro Europe and this brass and glass ball design.

What's the fastest way to WOW your guests?
Neon letters on a fiery car bonnet.

Wow Close-Up


Dining Room

Whether you are looking to light up a drop-leaf table or an 18ft behemoth, pay a visit to our showroom and take a look up – but mind the step. For the grandest of evenings, the elegance of Art Deco never fails to impress when reflected in polished walnut: this 1930′s French polished aluminium chandelier is adorned with frosted bowls and intricately cut glass icicles, ideal for the host that enjoys a cold snap.


Art Deco French Polished Aluminium Chandelier with Frosted Glass Bowls and Cut Glass Icicles c.1930


In need of something warmer as the winter takes hold, flick back a chapter in French history with this 1910 brass basket and its impressive glass pendant above the finest of mahogany. For the full French set, these 1960's brass and gun metal wall lights.

The polished chrome and glass of our Mid-century
chandeliers are an eye-catching addition for the more design-orientated shopper. For rooms with a bit more height, a cascade chandelier over a round table permits the chance to fully appreciate a light verging on an art installation. 

French Basket Chandelier c.1910

This cloud of glass orbs is attributed to Sciolari, whilst this fountain of glass streaked with a dark shade of cherry suggests 1970's Venini, and both look equally as impressive when the lights are off.



When it comes to the kitchen, we love a bit of industrial – polished steel, aluminium, chrome, and waxed wood – with our range of factory lighting available in all shapes and sizes. We particularly like the brilliant red of this Soviet Era Polish warehouse light. We’ve plenty of the usual suspects too: enamel shades, hanger lights, fluorescent strips and heavy steel lanterns.

Upcycled Bottle Chandelier by Old Iron

For those looking for a more unique range of lighting, we have a wide variety of Upcycled creations chained to the rafters of our showroom, such as this glass bottle chandelier from Old Iron, or the cages and copper trumpets from Antiques By Design. Ines Cole has sourced these vintage copper pendants, perfect for over a breakfast bar or kitchen island.

Keep things simple with the clinical look of the milk glass shades and polished chrome on this 1930's British design, which works well with this 1970's opaque glass dome floor lamp; or go for something more colourful, these mosaic glass hanging lanterns offer up an Indian summer in the heart of an English winter.

And, obviously, the 1970's Pineapple table lamp attributed to Maison Charles, France.



1960's French 8 Light Chandelier

When in need of some light to brighten up the dusty first editions and shelves upon shelves of leather bound classics, we try to stay true to tradition and keep it original with 8 candles and the cut crystal bowls of this 1960's French silver chandelier. Our range of reproduction lights offer the chance to own a Maria Theresa or a Louis XV, for those that simply do not have the time to visit their local 19th Century French manor house clearance – a modern interpretation of a classic design takes on its own unique look with 8 glass arms and brass decoration.

Art Deco French Lantern c.1930 by Atelier Petito, Lyon

This Art Deco lantern from Atelier Petito, Lyon, with its curved shades and green glass rods, would suit a traditional study, hanging above a green leather-topped pedestal desk and an antique bankers lamp. Maybe ditch the old lamp for this exquisite Modernist Charlotte Perriand design from the same period, and hang the lantern alongside the deep emerald glass of these mirror-backed wall lights from our side of the channel.

For those whose study is kept locked at all times, the desk lamps from Antiques By Design, concocted from an endless trunk of curios, make an office all the more personal.

Antiques By Design Upcycled Table Lamps



The light for your bedroom is the most critical choice: it will be the first thing that you see when you open your eyes in the morning, and will be imperative to your routine now that opening the curtains doesn't work as well as it used to. For Him, this Sarfatti design from the 50’s makes the most of little; 

for Her, this 1960’s Italian chiselled glass sputnik, possibly from Fontane Arte, or this 1950's East German design at the other end of the price scale.

1950's/60's Brass and Glass Floral Sputnik from East Germany


They look pretty good alongside this 40's mirror-glass floor lamp with glass flower detailing. And for the couple? We feel that this pair of Czech smoked cut glass table lamps and Italian grey glass and twin bulb wall lights, both from the 60's, will make both sides of the bed a little easier to get out of in the morning.