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Kevin McCloud’s Grand Recycling Project takes off at The Old Cinema

Posted Apr 24th, 2014 by The Old Cinema

The Old Cinema is familiar with the media spotlight; items from its collection often feature in films and shoots; style editors are inspired to wax lyrical over its unique brand of retro chic, and a tidy number of well-known names and faces wander regularly through its doors.

So it comes as no surprise that when Kevin McCloud and his team at Channel 4 were masterminding the biggest and most ambitious recycling project ever undertaken; they asked The Old Cinema to get involved.

In a 90 minute special, Kevin brings three designers to an old aircraft hangar in Middlesex where they are presented with a de-commissioned Air France Airbus A320 and challenged to find a use for every single piece, using every atom of creativity and ingenuity they can conjure up . Lift-off is announced and and no rivet is left unturned in the frenzied effort to find a practical use for wings, trolleys, table-trays, windows, lockers and doors.

The results are remarkable; storage units, magazine racks, lamps, tables, stools, egg cups, toast-racks and even items of jewellery were designed, modified and completed in record time. The Old Cinema has taken a consignment of some of the most original and interesting pieces, including this extraordinary cabinet made of shelves and lockers housed in part of the aeroplane shell. Apart from this there are ingeniously crafted egg-cups and toast racks, tables and trays, and even some rather interesting jewellery.

And it’s all in a good cause – proceeds from items sold will help to raise money for NCCA UK, a charity which supports those affected by or with neuroblastoma – a rare form of children’s cancer.

This is transformation on an unprecedented scale and reinforces the British love of finding new life for old things, in a sometimes eccentric, but often entirely practical way – don’t miss out, come along and have a look.

Kevin's Supersized Salvage will be shown at 9pm on Channel 4, on Thursday the 24th April.