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Gearbox Records at The Old Cinema on Saturday 29th March

Posted Mar 27th, 2014 by The Old Cinema

Audiophile vinyl record label Gearbox Records set up store for one day only on Saturday 29th March at The Old Cinema 160 Chiswick High Road London W4 1PR from 10am to 6pm.On sale will be their high quality and previously unreleased vinyl cuts as well as new recordings by contemporary artists.  


Our Shophound leaks top secrets on The Home Office set up.

Posted Mar 13th, 2014 by The Old Cinema

Working from home brings certain, indisputable bonuses; no ghastly commuting, ‘what to wear’ agonies or petty office politics, coffee breaks whenever you want, and, best of all you choose your own hours. However, you do need a tiny bit of discipline to make it work and I have found that curling up on the sofa with a laptop, papers all over the floor and my dining table scattered with files, notebooks and pens, is impractical and enervating. It also starts to blur the boundaries between working and relaxing – which is not conducive to either.

So, I decided to take myself off to The Old Cinema, where I know I’ll find a solution both aesthetically pleasing and perfectly practical. There’s something to suit any space and indulge any interior fantasy, plus it’s a wonderful place to spend a couple of hours and the staff really know their stock and can come up with some inspiring ideas if you get stuck. I’ve picked out a few key pieces in different design themes, but to be honest you can be as creative as you want and mix them all up if you wish – nobody can tell you not to!



Those with uncluttered, contemporary interiors,who perhaps want something a little edgy and urban to get the grey matter working, will be thrilled by some of these polished steel pieces, many of which are made from recycled steel and timber. Perfect for lofts, galleries and basements – cool efficiency at its best!

Polished steel desk. This shiny silvery desk offers a sleek, simple workstation for cool operators who get the job done with minimum fuss. Not you? Read on! £1,250


Vintage steel stools. And here’s a cool and space-saving perch for pondering, perusing and planning. £155 each

Steel Filer Cool, compact, classy, 4-drawer filing cabinet that ‘does what it says on the tin’. Brilliant! £295

   Throw some light on the subject. Shiny chrome adjustable floor light – so the dog can see the rabbit. or rather, so you can see the P&L. £200



Steel Tallboy
Elegant metal cabinet with multiple drawers. You can’t really fail to be organised with this, can you? Really? OK, well there’s more to come. £245




If you prefer the cosy vintage or quirky retro scene, why not plunge back a few decades into the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s? There are some super-cool pieces around that are so redolent of a lost era but which look great in a contemporary context. And you don’t have to stick with one decade, mix it up – it will look fantastic and, what’s more, unique, so have some fun!

Retro-Chic Geek. Now this 3-drawer, Bauhaus-style desk is is a piece of pure 1970’s retro; simple, practical and stylish. Can’t really argue with that. Love it. £550

New Vintage Style Hanging Light Bold, blue and beautiful; this stylish pendant lamp will add a touch of gravitas – and some light, to your workspace £120

Blue-sky Thinking? Cool 1950‘s Danish chair with wooden armrests for dreaming and dealing. £450

1960’s Leather Swivel Chair – great for power naps, and er, running the business. £595

Drring-Drring! Nostalgic for the solid feel of one of these old telephones – now classed as vintage? Defy the march of progress and have one back again. £145 each

Radio City. Keep up to date with the outside world with this vintage G.E.C. Value Radio. Sweet! £138




And for those of us who value traditional craftsmanship and who veer a path towards the time honoured charms of the antique there is English oak and mahogany in abundance. Dependable and reassuring, and rich with the patina of time; whether you want to fill an oak-panelled library or just need an elegant Georgian desk for a tiny wall space, you’ll find it here.

Beautiful Bureau. A fine example of an early 19th Century Mahogany Bureau; whence great things must surely spring forth. £675

Mr Big. Chesterfield leather armchair. Nothing says ‘I’m the boss’ in quite the same way. A timeless classic in the old style. £895

The Edwardians… made this magnificent mahogany revolving bookcase. An ingenious, and beautiful, alternative to lining them up on the wall.. £325

Victorian Walnut Table-Top pedestal book rest. A handsome accessory for a handsome, er, desk. £795

Victorian Walnut Stationery Cabinet. A rather special and highly covetable solution to storing paperwork £995




And now it’s time to really have some fun! I think you can actually be a bit bold with styling your workspace and maybe even indulge in a style you wouldn’t necessarily use in the rest of the house. Sort of like you might in the downstairs loo (if you have one). The Old Cinema does upcycling better than anyone else – tins, tyres, timber, bottles, bricks and even cricket bats are all used to splendid effect – and help you stand out in the street!

Upcycled Sewing Machine Desk How cool is this for running up some copy – or bills? Neat and nifty, it won’t take up much space either. £245

Grey/Blue/Green Tallboy. A brilliant stack of colourful drawers to hold all manner of stuff you want to hide away. Great fun. £475

Plan It. Upcycled plans chest which not only stores extra-large documents, flat, but also doubles handily as a coffee table. £765

Signs of the Times This upcycled metal cabinet is made using antique metal signs. Can you spot them?

Little Boho Chic Sitting at this painted wooden bureau won’t feel like work! The drop-down front creates a writing surface and three drawers hide all traces of officialdom. £495

Upcycled 1930’s Heat Lamp. This versatile metal lamp can be used on floors or surfaces, and will even add a little warmth if you haven’t any pennies for the meter. £135

Clever Crate Upcycled pine shelving created with old fruit crates £325

So, you see there is boundless space for creativity, even in a small office environment. Your workspace needs to be somewhere you want to spend time, for obvious reasons; you have to be drawn to use it and sit in it, so you have to fill it with stuff you can live with and enjoy. A few hours browsing at The Old Cinema, where knowledgable staff are on hand to help with decision making, makes the process exciting and rewarding. And you can even justify the time and expense – it’s work after all!