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Call me maybe…

Posted Nov 18th, 2012 by The Old Cinema

…Or just send SMS. All who know us, know that one of our favourite things here at The Old Cinema are big bits of old lettering! Check out these large colourful back lit industrial letters, for when you really need to get your message across! These letters measure 92cm high and can be bought individually for £225 or the set for £650.


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007 Skyfall, Featuring The Old Cinema

Posted Oct 25th, 2012 by The Old Cinema


The Old Cinema is pleased to announce that a few pieces of ours have been featured in the latest 007 film, Skyfall. The vintage industrial chairs, supplied by Ines Cole, were used in one of the scenes featuring Bond (Daniel Craig), and the villain of the film Raoul Silva (Javier Bardem). As the films premier is tomorrow, we don't quite know the situation in the scene, and we are excited to find out! The chairs can be clearly scene in the full length trailer featured here.